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General information

Based in:Sweden
No IP address logging: Logging policy of IP addresses is not known
No traffic logging: Logging policy of traffic data is not known
No DNS request logging: DNS requests are not logged
No connection timestamp logging: Connection timestamps are not logged
No bandwidth data logging: Bandwidth consumption data is not logged
Has own DNS servers: Yes, DNS services are provided
Software supports "Kill Switch": Yes, "Kill Switch" is supported
OpenVPN Support: Yes, this provider supports OpenVPN connections
P2P/Torrent Support: Yes, this provider allows P2P/Torrent traffic
SMTP: Yes, SMTP connections are allowed
Number of countries:VPN servers available in 2 countries
Number of VPN servers:24 servers available
Max. simultaneous connections:Up to 4 simultaneous connections are allowed
Price per month:$7.61 when ordering yearly plan
Free trial available: Yes, you can try the services free of charge
Accepts cryptocurrencies: Yes, cryptocurrencies are accepted


VPN service provider oVPN.com is based in Sweden. oVPN.com has servers in 2 different countries. At the moment this provider appears to be using about 24 servers for its infrastructure.


This service would cost $7.61 per month if you were to order the yearly plan. The payment can be submitted using cryptocurrencies. oVPN.com has a free trial option so you can test the service risk free to make sure it fits your needs.


Link to the official website: https://www.ovpn.com.


Doesn't log DNS requests
Doesn't log connection timestamps
Doesn't log bandwidth data
Provides own DNS services
Supports "Kill Switch" for extra safety
Supports OpenVPN
P2P/Torrent traffic is allowed
SMTP connections are allowed
Reasonable number of simultaneous connections (4 connections)
Has a free trial
Cryptocurrency payments accepted


Not so many countries to choose from (2 countries)
Doesn't have that many servers (24 servers)

User reviews

T.M.    Posted on December 30, 2016
OVPN.se servers are not very good. Internet connection slows down considerably although i was not located overseas. Skype and Voip is extremely bad quality with many interruptions. Customer service is also not of much help. Watch out...they put you subscription on automatic renewal. When you download their software, it will show that you have about 7 days more left than you actually have before renewal of your subscription. So you are tricked into an extra subscription period before you can and will cancel.
Kurre Manilla
Kurre Manilla    Posted on July 12, 2017
The T.M. review looks very odd to me. Are you sure you're not confusing OVPN.com (formerly .se) with oVPN.to? I was a happy user of the former for a year and a half and never had any problems at all. I can't vouch for Skype and VoIP which I didn't use at the time, nor did I ever have to contact support. Downspeed was 90 Mb of 100 in average, upspeed 9.5 of 10. As for subscription, my first period ended and I was reminded, but that's all. No recurring fee, though it could be because I used a prepaid debet card. The price given in the review is not correct, it should currently be about $5.80/month with a yearly subscription. You can pay in almost any possible way, anonymous or not. When you download their app it says you got a 5 hours free trial period.There's nothing about 7 days left. I only dropped them because they're a bit too pricey for me and there is an alternative provider with an activist agenda.
mark lauby
mark lauby    Posted on September 2, 2017
Ovpn.com (ex .se) is a very strange Vpn not made for linux users ( Client doesn't work with ubuntu 17 , and their Network Manager configuration page isn't updated and doesn't work ..
Happily it works with windows (not fluently on Seven) but you will get the same swedish Dns even if you're connected in USA , Sweden, Germany etc.... Weird !!
It works well too with Ios (by Openvpn connect Apps)
Connections are consistent and fast .
Subcriprions are very expensive
In conclusion if you want to subsribe to a Swedish Vpn provider chose instead Mulvad which do all better than Ovpn.com with all OS for a cheap subscription

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