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Based in:Sweden
No IP address logging: IP addresses are not logged
No traffic logging: Traffic data is not logged
No DNS request logging: Logging policy of DNS requests is not known
No connection timestamp logging: Logging policy of connection timestamps is not known
No bandwidth data logging: Logging policy of bandwidth consumption data is not known
Has own DNS servers: No, DNS services are not provided
Software supports "Kill Switch": No, "Kill Switch" is not supported
OpenVPN Support: Yes, this provider supports OpenVPN connections
P2P/Torrent Support: It is not known whether this provider allows P2P/Torrent traffic
SMTP: It is not known whether this provider allows SMTP connections
Number of countries: Unknown
Number of VPN servers: Unknown
Max. simultaneous connections: Not known
Price per month: Unknown
Free trial available: No, this provider does not provide free trials
Accepts cryptocurrencies: Yes, cryptocurrencies are accepted


VPN service provider is based in Sweden. We have no data regarding the countries where has its servers. Number of servers operated by this provider also remains a mystery.


The payment can be submitted using cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, has no free trial option.


Link to the official website:


Doesn't log IP addresses of the customers
Doesn't log traffic data
Supports OpenVPN
Cryptocurrency payments accepted


Doesn't have own DNS servers
No support for the "Kill Switch"
Doesn't have a free trial

User reviews

Kurre Manilla
Kurre Manilla    Posted on July 12, 2017
Integrity VPN is quite different from most in its aims and marketing. First of all it's not run by a commercial entity but a non-profit privacy activist foundation, the 5th of July Foundation. Integrity was established explicity as a countermeasure to Swedish data retention and mass surveillance legislation. Secondly you can't subscribe directly, only via (currently) two Swedish ISP:s, Bahnhof and Bogalnet. Of the latter I know next to nothing other than that it's not a very big actor. The former, one of Sweden's oldest ISP:s, has a long and rock solid reputation of relentless privacy activism besides being one of the larger ISP:s. Integrity encourages everybody to nag at their own ISP:s to provide the service.

Bahnhof charges 40SEK, about $4.75, monthly and no, they do NOT accept bitcoin. Maybe Bogal does, they don't say anything about prices and payments on their homepage. P2P is allowed. Obviously you'll not be anonymous with the ISP since you'll need a broadband account to get access to the VPN service addon. But you'll be anonymous where it matters, with Integrity, which only knows your username and your hashed password. For the time being Integrity uses Bahnhof DNS servers, with a promise to get their own sometime soon.

Supposedly their servers are all in Sweden, probably hosted in Bahnhof's giant server hall. At least that would make sense, seeing the close relation between 5th of July and Bahnhof.

So far Integrity has been extremely stable, give or take some occasional drop out less than once a month. Speed, on the other hand, is mediocre. Upspeed is the expected 9.5 of 10 in average. Downspeed rarely exceeds 30 Mb and is usually a lot lower. This doesn't have to be an issue with Integrity though, since I know people who get full speed. This brings me to the other complaint I have: Support is lousy. It's all with my ISP, and if I'm really really lucky I get in touch with somebody who kind of knows of what he's talking about. Most of the time they hardly know what a VPN is.

All in all, I don't think Integrity VPN is of interest to anybody outside Sweden. This may change as the project grows, but for the moment there are other, less exotic options, unless, of course, you want to support a very important initiative to protect Internet freedom. But then I suppose you'd have a hard time convincing your ISP to provide Integrity along with your account.

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